From the desk of Ed Brindley, Editor Industrial Reporting, Inc.

[Pallet Enterprise, Pallet Profile Weekly, Recycling Record]

Few people have made a mark on the pallet industry that matches that made by Gordon Hughes. So, when it was announced in June that he would no longer be the leader and voice of the Canadian Wood Pallet and Container Association, it came as a shock to many of us. Gordon has been connected to the CWPCA/ACMPC for so long that the two are synonymous. It is with both pride and sadness that I write this salute to my Canadian friend.

Gordon was the right person at the right time to take the leadership in Canada’s pallet industry. Gordon understands the industry and its entrepreneurial leadership style. Many of Canada’s successful pallet companies were founded by former truck drivers who had an entrepreneurial spirit and wanted to make more money.

Gordon knew what they wanted to hear and provided that at the association’s meetings. I can honestly say that many of the CWPCA/ACMPC meetings I have attended have been among the very best pallet meetings ever held. He had a limited budget and knew how to develop programs that spoke to his members. I am pleased to have been counted among the industry speakers. Many of the speakers who frequented the CWPCA/ACMPC rooster were the most knowledgeable people in the industry and some of the best speakers. Gordon always had his finger on the industry’s pulse.

Everybody will agree that we have seen more changes in this decade than ever before in our industry. Gordon has had a hand in most of them.


From the desk of Sandy Campbell, GBN Machine & Engineering Corporation

“I have so much good to say about Gordon that I could talk all day. He was a hands-on person, not afraid to dig into anything he was asked to tackle. He didn’t stop at the surface. He would dig in to get to the truth of an issue, to get the true information.

“Gordon always had the industry at heart. He was not just looking out for himself. He wanted to improve the industry, not just himself. I can truly say that there is so much good to say. With Gordon there was no bad.”